Makeup Artist Files $25 Million Rape Lawsuit Against Snoop

An Emmy Award winning

makeup artist has filed a lawsuit against Snoop Dogg, claiming the multi-platinum

rapper and several associates raped her following a January 2003 taping of ABC’s

“Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

According to the

lawsuit, Bell “applied and removed makeup for Snoop from January 28-30,

in Snoop’s dressing room in the El Capitan Theater."

Bell charges that

Snoop and four others sexually assaulted her and is seeking $25 million in damages

and has named Snoop Dogg, ABC, Jimmy Kimmel’s show and the Walt Disney

Company as defendants.

Bell, who won an

Emmy Award in 2002 for her work on HBO’s popular series “Six Feet

Under,” claims that she was incapacitated after drinking what she was

told was champagne in Snoop’s dressing room.

According to the

lawsuit, she says the network is responsible for the rape, claming Snoop’s

dressing room was stocked with large quantities of champagne and marijuana.

Bell also claims

she witnessed the rapper snorting cocaine on the final night he co-hosted a

show with Kimmel.

Bell claims family

members advised her not to report the incident, due to Snoop’s alleged

gang affiliations.

According to the

complaint, Bell informed representatives at Kimmel’s show and ABC started

paying her living expenses.

After those payments

ceased, she received payments from Snoop directly, while their respective attorney’s

attempted to negotiate a settlement.

She alleges that

she needed a therapist and psychiatrist and in September of 2003, had to visit

a psychiatric hospital.

In December, Snoop

filed a lawsuit against the woman and her legal team, claiming they attempted

to extort $5 million from the rapper in exchange for concealing the alleged


Snoop, born Calvin

Broadus, maintained that he played no part in the alleged assault and has sued

for punitive damages and prevention of future threats.

The lawsuit can

be viewed at