Malcolm X Speeches Released On CD

A new educational CD collection of speeches by Malcolm X has been released.Titled The Malcolm X Collection, the CD contains fourteen hours of speeches, debates and interviews by the fallen orator."Hip-hop is not just a style of music, it's a way of life, a philosophy, and

the philosophy of hip-hop comes, in a large part, from the philosophy of

Malcolm X," Infernal Press publisher Sandeep S. Atwal told "I'm not just talking about Public Enemy and Dead Prez. Every

black man who speaks his mind, who speaks the truth, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks owes a debt to Malcolm X. He was one of the first men to stand up and say what he believed. Malcolm X was the original rapper."Some of Malcolm X's most memorable speeches are on the CD, including "Uncle Sam Has Failed Us," "The Ballot or the Bullet," "The Black Revolution" and "A Message to the Grassroots."Also included are speeches and debates from Oxford, Harvard and Berkeley.Over half of these speeches were made during the last year of Malcolm's life, after he left the Nation of Islam.The philosophies of Malcolm X have influenced such rappers as KRS-1, Paris, Brand Nubian, Ice Cube, Ghostface, Tupac Shakur, Chuck D. and others and his voice and speeches have been sampled in numerous songs."Although many people see Malcolm X as a figure from the past, what

impresses me the most about his speeches is how relevant his ideas are forty

years later," Atwal continued. "All of Malcolm X's ideas about politics, religion, race and

economics are as relevant in 2004 as they were in 1964. When you hear

Malcolm X speak, you realize how little has changed since his assassination.

Everything Malcolm X says is relevant today. People have tried to demonize

him, but the fact is that few intelligent people would disagree with what

Malcolm X said. You can't disagree with the truth."In the early 90's, even clothing was inspired by the orator, in the form of T-shirts and hats that bore the letter "X."The Malcolm X Collection is available now through Infernal Press.