Man Accused Of BTY Young'N Murder Offers Up A Defense; Bail Set At $1 Million

AllHipHop Staff

One man accused of killing a rising rapper is offering up his own defense to cops.

(AllHipHop News) One of the two men accused of killing BTY Young'N has offered up a defense, claiming he is innocent in the shooting.

Police charged two Baton Rouge men with second-degree murder for the April slaying of BTY Young'N.

The rapper was just about to sign a deal with Cash Money Records, when he was gunned down on April 29 at a Shell gas station in the city.

Police are holding a man named Darryl "Dino" Bannister, 31, on $1 million bail, for his role in the slaughter.

According to The Advocate, investigators claim they have evidence Bannister was involved in the murder.

A cell phone was recovered from the murder scene with Bannister's fingerprints on it, as well as other people, who apparently handled the phone in question as well.

Another man named Kyron D. Williams, 27, is also charged with second-degree murder and he remains on the loose.

The cops said Williams' DNA was also found on the cell phone in question.

Bannister claims he was at a party on the other side of town at the time BTY Young'N was shot.

Bannister also told investigators that his phone was stolen from him while he was at the same party the night of the murder.

Police are still trying to determine what role the two men played in the killing.

Tragically, before BTY Young'N was gunned down he posted a video of himself at the Shell gas station, taunting his rivals.