Man Accused of Witness Tampering in C-Murder Case

AllHipHop Staff

The murder trial of C-Murder has taken another twist as New

Orleans authorities have verified records of a man

pleading guilty last year to obstruction of justice.

According to, authorities are accusing Dwayne

“Wango” Cobbins with witness tampering. The 35 year old New

Orleans native is alleged to have tampered with trial

evidence by “threatening to use force to influence one or more persons,”

resulting in “the hindrance, delay or prevention of the communication to a

peace officer of information.”

C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, was convicted in September

2003 of murdering 16 year old Steve Thomas at a Harvey

nightclub in 2002.

On appeal, C-Murder was granted a new trial when his

attorney Ron Rakosky revealed evidence confirming that prosecutors withheld the

extensive criminal backgrounds of their three witnesses.

At press time, the courts have sealed specific information

detailing Cobbins’ alleged tampering activity.

However, records have confirmed that Cobbins has an

extensive criminal background dating back to the early 90s.

He was arrested in 2002, and sentenced to nine years in

prison for attempted conspiracy to distribute cocaine between 1991 and 1997.

Also, Cobbins pleaded guilty in 2006 to narcotics charges and was sentenced to

15 years.

Previously, Cobbins was booked for attempted murder in 1993

and murder in 1995. Both charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

At the time of his 2002 arrest, court records show Cobbins

had in his possession a TRU records gold medallion from C-Murder’s label.

At press time, C-Murder could not be reached for comment.