Man Arrested For Impersonating Slick Rick- Again

A man arrested in

April of 2002 and charged with seven counts of fraud for impersonating detained

rapper Slick Rick, was arrested after calling Rick's home and showing up across

the street from the rapper's house in the Bronx, New York.

Steven Glenn, 29,

of Raleigh, North Carolina, was picked up by officers from the 47th Precinct

last Thursday, after police responded to a 911 phone call from Rick's wife,

Mandy Aragones.

"I got a collect

call from someone saying he was Rick," Aragones said. "As soon as

I heard his voice I knew it was that damn Steven Glenn."

Officers said Glenn

identified himself as Slick Rick. Medical workers examined Glenn and transferred

him to Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center in the Bronx, where he remains under

psychiatric observation.

After being arrested

in April of 2002 for impersonating Slick Rick, Glenn was evaluated, charges

against him were dropped and he was released from State custody.

Aragones attempted

to file a restraining order against Glenn on Friday but failed, after the Bronx

Criminal Court decided she didn't have enough evidence to prove Miller was a


On Friday, Aragones

also learned that Glenn had registered his name in the hospital as Rick Walters,

the rapper's real name.

"The justice

system is broken," Aragones continued. "I should not be harassed at

will by a crazy man and my husband should not be in jail."

Walters has been

held in a Federal prison since June of 2002 by the Immigration and Naturalization

Services (INS).

Slick Rick was

convicted of attempted murder in the second degree in 1991.

He was sentenced

to three-and-a-third-to-ten years in prison. Rick ultimately served five years

and twelve days, two days more than the law allows.

U.S. law calls

for the deportation of foreign nationals who commit a crime in America.

Rick never obtained

American citizenship, but the law was waived for Rick due to his recording career,

the significant amounts of properties he owned, family ties and charitable work.

Rick was released

from prison in January of 1996 and was re arrested on June 1, 2002.

He was charged

with deporting himself and illegally re-entering

the country.

Rick has been denied

bail four times and was labeled a "flight risk."