Man Arrested In Connection With Murder Of P.Diddy’s Former Bodyguard

One man has been apprehended and police are seeking another suspect in connection with a double homicide in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, which left a former bodyguard for Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and another man dead.

Demetrius Flenory, 35, of New York, was arrested for the murders of Anthony "Wolf" Jones and Lamont Girdy, both 38 years-of-age. Flenory was charged with two counts of murder after an argument that started in club Chaos turned into violence as the crowd left the establishment around 4 A.M. Witnesses told police that an argument over a woman may have sparked the shooting. The manager of Chaos claimed that an unidentified woman and her date entered the club around 1 A.M. and were met by the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

According to the manager, the man started harassing the couple, prompting security guards to ask him to leave. Police said the man waited outside of the club for three hours. After the shooting, police found at least 24 shell casings and bullet holes in nearby business establishments.

Jones had $7,000 in his pocket and Girdy had $5,000.

"There’s still a lot that we have to do," Police Chief Richard Pennington said Tuesday night. "People we have to talk to because we know that there’s more than one gunman involved in this."

Shortly after the shooting, Flenory and another man arrived at North Fulton Reginal Center seeking treatment from gunshot wounds. Felnory was arrested but the other man, who had a wound to his foot, was not detained.

"We think it could have been some feud or something, but we don’t know. They had lots of cash, we do know that," Pennington added.

Police said that their investigation is ongoing and that expect to make more arrests. Jones and Comb’s were acquitted in March or 2001 of gun possession and bribery charges, which were the result of an altercation inside of Club New York in New York City that injured three people.

Jamaal "Shyne" Barrow was convicted of various assault and weapons charges in the incident.

In a $25 million dollar federal lawsuit against Combs, former Bad Boy president Kirk Burrowes claimed that Wolf was part of a network of thugs called "The Enterprise," which forced him to sign over his 25% interest in the company.

Burrowes claimed Wolf was the alleged triggerman that shot and killed an associate of Marion "Suge" Knight in Atlanta, at an after hours party in 1995.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are likely.