Man Arrested In Gated Community Claimed He Was Looking For XXXTentacion's Killer

An elderly couple in Coral, Gables Florida are being terrorized by fans of deceased rapper XXXTentacion.

(AllHipHop News) According to police, fans have been showing up at a residence which they apparently believe is the residence of Soldier Kidd.

XXXTentacion was shot and killed on June 18, outside of a Deerfield Beach motorcycle dealership.

The Broward County Sheriff's Twitter feed was flooded with tips, claiming Soldier Kidd had something to do with the shooting.

Soldier Kidd and his associate Soldier Jojo have denied any involvement in the murder.

Local police said they searched the residence, which is in a gated community, and confirmed that a “suspect” does not live at the residence in question.

However, that did not prevent a 20-year-old man from showing up to the house multiple times.

The man showed up as a delivery pizza driver, even though the elderly couple did not order any pizza.

The second time he showed up with a gas can and claimed he had run out of fuel and needed to use a telephone.

During the brief interaction, the man said he was in the neighborhood looking for someone who had killed his friend.

The police arrived and eventually arrested Jesse Gonzalez for loitering when they realize he had a fully functional cell phone which he was using to post on social media.

The Broward County Sheriffs Department issued a statement, pleading for XXXTentacion's fans to leave the elderly couple alone.

"The residence was checked by officers who made contact with the homeowners and determined that the suspect does not and has not lived there," police said in a statement.

Officers have stepped up their presence in the neighborhood, and hopes of avoiding any more altercations.