Man Claims Eddie Griffin Beat Him Over Mom's Motel Room

Actor/comedian Eddie Griffin is being sued in Los Angeles Superior Court, after he allegedly beat up a production manager for booking his mother a three-star hotel room.

Vince Beane claims he was told to book Griffin’s mother a three-star motel at the behest of The Leslie Grief Co.

The lawsuit claims that Griffin and others drank more than six bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne on March 10 and then ordered members of his entourage to assault Beane over the room.

Griffin, who was featured on Dr. Dre’s classic album The Chronic, was upset with his mother’s accommodations and accused Beane of treating his mother like “a slave n***a.”

"'You are Vince, you are that motherf**cka who got my momma that f***ed-up-ass hotel room,” Griffin allegedly said, claiming Beane treated his mother like “a ghetto mamma on junior prom night just waiting to get slammed.”

The bodyguard who is professional boxer and another man named John ‘J.C.‘ Clark proceeded to assault Beane with “offensive bodily contact."

In addition to Griffin, The Leslie Greif Co. is named in the lawsuit, which seeks an undisclosed amount of punitive damages from the comedian.