Man Claims To Know Who Killed JMJ

According published reports, a longtime friend

of Jam Master Jay claims that he knows who shot the legendary DJ and has already

revealed them to police.

Ronald "Tinard" Washington claims that

he saw Jay with a .45 caliber handgun the day he was murdered and that Run DMC

member was scared for his life.

He also claimed that he saw a former rap promoter

and his son entering Jay's Queens recording studio and shortly afterwards, heard


Those men, are allegedly from the same area of

Hollis as Jay, but sources said Washington may be trying to get even with the

men, who allegedly tried to take his life shortly after Jay was gunned down.

"Tinard may or may not be telling the truth,

but the word coming from Hollis is that he has a major ax with a man known only

as Big D and his son known as Noyd," an anonymous source told

"Tinard believes these individuals are responsible

for the attempt on his life two days after JMJ was killed and seems determined

to get even. The validity or motive for the accusation is a point of interest

for investigators."

Washington, who allegedly lived in Jam Master

Jay's studio, claims that Jam Master Jay showed him the .45-caliber handgun

just hours before he was shot and Jay allegedly gave Washington $200 to buy

bullets for the handgun.

Washington is currently in a Nassau County, Long

Island jail for allegedly robbing a Long Island motel at gun point.