Man Involved In Murder Of L’A Capone Gets 45 Years In Prison


A man who was involved in the shooting death of rapper L’A Capone in 2013, is looking at a long stretch behind bars.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) A judge has sentenced Meiko Buchanan to 45 years in prison, for his role in the September 2013 shooting.

Authorities say that Buchanan admitted to driving a “tail car” to insulate the lead car that was traveling in front of him, filled with gunmen looking for L’A Capone.

According to Buchanan, he watched the shooter roll up on L’A Capone as the rapper was leaving a recording studio

After a struggle in an alley, L’A Capone was shot twice – once in the back and once in the thigh.

Two other men that obtained a gun for the unknown shooter are slated to go on trial next week, and in February of 2017.