Man Kanye West Follows Shuns Attention, Receives Hate

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has finally decided to follow somebody and that person has opted out of his newfound fame.Steven Holmes of England is the only person that West has decided to follow on social media monolith Twitter. Kanye began following Holmes on July 31 to which Holmes replied, "holy s**t, bro.""You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun," Kanye tweeted to Holmes, appointing him the first person he'd follow.Holmes quickly went from a few followers to now well over 5,000 (5,674 at press time)."I won't be speaking to any more press/journalists," Holmes said rejected his recognition. "I won't be speaking to anybody else, surprisingly not everyone wants to be famous. That's all I'm saying. This has been completely surreal and I really have no desire for this attention i'm just a normal person."Holmes has had his share of haters, as most people would love to be able to communicate with somebody such as West."It's a sad state of affairs that some people in the world are jealous of another person for something so trivial. Some ppl have gotta sort out there priorities!! Haha," he said.Mostly, Holmes continued to joke with people, even though he's been the subject of international scorn."If abuse is love than I've never felt more loved," he said in one tweet.