Man Originally Charged With Shooting Young Dolph Released With No Charges

AllHipHop Staff

There has been an amazing turn of events in the shooting of Young Dolph as cops continue their investigation.

(AllHipHop News) The man originally booked for shooting rapper Young Dolph has been released without any charges being filed against him.

Los Angeles police released a man named Corey McClendon late yesterday evening (September 28).

McClendon was originally charged with one count of attempted murder and held on $1 million bail.

But police let him go without any charges, as they continue to investigate the attack on Young Dolph, which occurred on Tuesday (September 26).

Young Dolph was shot in the parking valet area of the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

He became embroiled in an argument with three men, which turned into a fistfight.

When the rapper fell to the ground, one of the unknown assailants drew a handgun and shot Young Dolph several times, striking him in the buttocks and the arm.

Meanwhile, police remained confident that they will make interest in the shooting.  The cops claimed they have crystal-clear surveillance footage of the incident, and they now believe it was not a chance encounter, and that Young Dolph could have been targeted intentionally.

"The evidence is strong and will lead to an arrest," said Cory Palka, captain of the Los Angeles Police Department's Hollywood division. "Detectives have some good leads. This was definitely not a random incident."

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let me guess.. they showed dolph the pic of the shooter and he said thats not him even though it was, in order to not be labeled a snitch


The dude was knocked down, stood over and shot several times and only got hit in the ass and the arm. Young Dolph's next album ought to be gospel because there's luck and then there's miracles.