Man Sentenced In Will Smith Identity Theft

A man who charged over $30,000 on various credit

cards using rapper/actor Will Smith's identity was sentenced to 37 months in

federal prison.

Carol Lomax, 42, of Duquesne, PA. pleaded guilty

to one count of using unauthorized credit cards in September. Lomax illegally

opened 14 accounts under the name Willard Smith, Smith's full name.

Lomax used his home address when he opened each

account. Authorities found receipts and documents in Smith's name, as well as

a computer that Lomax used to search the internet with to find personal information

on various celebrity figures.

Lomax has been ordered to pay $64,076 in restitution.

Lomax also made purchases in the name of another celebrity, not made to the


In 1999 Lomax pulled the same scan in the name

of Atlanta Hawks basketball star Steve Smith. Lomax was caught only after he

racked up $81,000. In that case, a federal judge ordered Lomax to pay $81,000

back to American Express. He was also ordered to pay another $190,000 that he

charged to other people's cards.

In related news, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

have signed on with UPN to develop a sitcom based on their household. The will

be fiction, not a reality show, and Smith and Pinkett will not star in the show.

The power duo will also executive produce the show.