Man Suspected Of Fatally Shooting Rapper Proof Surrenders, Pool Game May Have Sparked Fight

A 28-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting rapper Proof of D12 turned himself in today (April 12).

Mario Etheridge, 28, of Detroit is being detained by the police for allegedly shooting the rapper during an altercation inside of the C.C.C. nightclub.

Etheridge was also a bouncer at the C.C.C. nightclub.

Police said he is a cousin of Keith Bender Jr., the bouncer who was allegedly shot by Proof during the fight, which took place around 4:30 am Tuesday.

Sources told that the altercation was rooted in a pool game.

For unknown reasons, the two men began arguing and a fight broke out.

A shot was fired in the air, Proof allegedly pistol-whipped Bender, knocked him to the ground and then shot him.

Etheridge then allegedly opened fire on the rapper, striking him four times in the head and chest.

Authorities are still investigating the incident, but police said the 28-year-old was cooperating with authorities.

Bender, a former Sgt. in the United States Army, is on life support in critical condition.