Man Who Defaced Tupac Statue Explains His Actions


Kenneth Anthony Wilson, the man charged with defacing Tupac Shakur’s memorial statue in Stone Mountain, GA last October, has released a manifesto explaining his actions.

By Ismael AbduSalaam and tupac

Wilson, who refers to himself as a “writer,” “artist,” and “Supa-hero,” claims the defacement was “my way of declaring an intellectual and artistic war against the gangsta rap community.”

“Yes I defaced that statue of Tupac Shakur because the center is a cancer on the community,” Wilson said in a statement. “For we reap what we sow…Tupac Shakur is no messiah, that’s why when he stuck his dumbass on his album cover and claimed he was not disrespecting Jesus Christ, God crucified his evil ass before the album came out.”

Wilson justified his actions through his belief that Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur are misleading the youth through Tupac’s image and message.

“Tupac Shakur is not only a rapist and murderer of his own people, his center of the arts is in the business of molesting the young minds of our youths into believing that Thug Life is the American Dream,” Wilson exclaimed. “Since Afeni Shakur insists on lying to the youth at her center that her son is the Messiah and he died for the sake of them…So she resurrects a statue of Tupac Shakur dressed as a reverend with the Holy Bible in his right hand… Death Row Records did not destroy Tupac Shakur; smoking crack when he was in her womb did! Tupac Shakur was not only weak he was a complete fool who never for one minute practiced what he preached.”

Despite admitting he defaced the statue and showing no remorse, Wilson revealed that he plans to argue in the court of law that the damage was justified on moral grounds.

“I have every intention of proving in a court of law not only the hypocrisy of the Tupac Shakur center, but also its immorality, injustice, and illegality,” Wilson fumed. Wilson’s trial date has not been determined.

The 43-year-old male was apprehended on October 22, 2007 for defacing Tupac’s statue with handbills of threats against the center, other rappers, and record labels.

Initially considered a hate crime, these charges were dropped due to Wilson being black and there being no racial motivation in the threats.

Afeni Shakur could not be reached for comment at press time.