Man With Ties To Rap World Arrested After Standoff In NY

A man with ties

to the rap world was arrested after a standoff in a Canarsie, Brooklyn New York

neighborhood yesterday.

Tyran "Tah

Tah" Moore, 32, was arrested yesterday after a standoff with police.

He was charged

with the shooting of Capt. Kenneth Girven in Harlem. Girven was shot in the

stomach, just below his bulletproof vest.

According to police

reports, the 34-year-old Girven was working in plainclothes and driving alone

in an unmarked police car on 154th street.

He told authorities

he saw two suspicious men and approached them. He identified himself as a police

officer and asked "What's up?"

A man popped out

from behind an SUV and shot at Girven three times, hitting him once. Girven

was conscious and radioed for backup.

"They really

won't leave those Murder Inc. boys alone," a source speaking on the condition

on anonymity told "Tah Tah knew Preme, but his relationship

with Preme and Murder Inc. is being exaggerated. Preme wasn't into robbery."

The source said

that Tah Tah's connection aren't through Murder Inc. as reported, but through

Onyx rapper and actor Fredro Starr and Pepa from the best-selling female group,


"He was with

Fredro Starr almost everywhere he went when he wasn't out robbing people. That

dude would go through some serious paper. He blows it all on balling and then

looks for his next lick."

Moore has been

convicted in Queens and Brooklyn for weapons possession, drug dealing and vehicular

manslaughter. He was acquitted of second-degree murder in 1993.

Moore is also the

father of a child, Tyran, Jr., by Pepa.

In 50 Cent's song

"F*ck You," he raises the possibility that Tah Tah was the gunman

who shot him 9 times.

"50, who shot

ya/think it was Preme, Freeze or Tah, Tah?"

"It wasn't

any of those dudes that shot 50," the source said. "It was a dude

named Hommo...and he's dead."

Moore has not

been charged with any crime as authorities are seeking to determine if he was

the triggerman or not.

He has sought the

legal counsel of pricey New York attorney, Marvin Kornberg.

Moore told police

he was gambling at the time of the shooting and according to reports, his story

has checked out, leaving the gunman at large.

Moore was also

looked into regarding the murder of Jam Master Jay, because of his height and