Mannie Fresh, dead prez Team Up for Producer Event In ATL

Music fans will get a glimpse inside the mind of rap producer Mannie Fresh, when he appears next month for the latest installment of the World Famous Mic Club's Behind the Boards series, which is hosted by BMI Atlanta.

The event, which is also hosted by 4Kings Entertainment, will take place at 9 p.m. November 1 at The CW Midtown Music Complex, center stage.

Described as the place where Hip-Hop meets Inside the Actors Studio, the Behind the Boards series features question and answer sessions with established Hip-Hop producers as they openly discuss their music and lifestyle.

In addition, the event also allows Hip-Hop fans, critics and up-and-coming producers the chance to get the inside scoop on creative minds behind Hip-Hop classics as well as trendsetters who create tracks to ensure multi-platinum status for projects.

"We're seeking to provide balance, artistic integrity and truth in an industry where these very valuable commodities are in short supply," said World Famous Mic Club host Andre Lett aka DRES the Beatnik. "The DJ/producer is the backbone of the music of the culture, but without providing light to all facets of the culture, we're doing the generation that comes after us a grave injustice."

Past editions of the series have featured from legendary Hip-Hop producer Diamond D and Grammy Award-winning producer 9th Wonder.

The latest installment of Behind the Boards, which will feature fellow co-hosts DJ Edward Scissorhands and DJ Razah, will include an appearance from underground rap duo Dead Prez as well as the Mighty Mighty Beatdown - the producer battles - tool of the trade and the sure shot segment.

To coincide with the event, a nationwide call to up-and-coming music producers has been issued by the Behind the Boards creators.

Prior to the show, participants will be able to audition their music (1 beat, 1 minute) for a panel of industry insiders from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Vinyl (CW Midtown Music Complex).

The panel will pick eight producers who will compete on stage during the show with Dead Prez and Mannie Fresh.

Admission for the Mannie Fresh and Dead Prez show is $20.