Manny Fresh Reveals His Secret To Production

Cash Money resident producer Mannie

Fresh recently revealed to the Associated Press how he continues

to create fresh new ideas for the stable of Cash Money artists. The secret to

his formula he said, was returning to his block and simply watching the streets

in New Orleans.

"If you've got a block, just go to the hood

for a little while and just sit around," he said. "You could sit out

there for a day and you'll see some things that you ain't seen, and you've got

a whole lot to write about. When I get there, I've just got to go back down

to earth or whatever. Just go back to my old 'hood. Chill for a little while

or whatever."

In related news, BG's Chopper City Records, which

is distributed by Cash Money is preparing to release BG's younger brother, Hakim.

Hakim's debut album, titled Street Poetry will hit the stores later this

year. Lil Wayne is also preparing to release his album, Block Burna in