Marc Ecko To Release Video Game With Atari

Hip-Hop clothing designer Marc Ecko has entered

into a joint venture with Atari and the union will produce a video game based

on Hip-Hop and graffiti art.

"Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under

Pressure," will revolutionize the urban genre, according to Ecko.

"This game will be genre defining. Revolutionary.

We will put the flag in the ground of popular culture with 'Getting Up,'"

Ecko boasted.

The game derives its name from the term 'getting

up,' which means getting your name or graffiti “tag” visible to the


Ecko said the game took seven years to develop

and that after fielding several offers, choose Atari because the well-known

company allowed him creative autonomy.

"Atari allowed me the freedom to challenge

the status quo manner in how games are developed," Ecko said. "That

is precisely why it is the ideal home for this title. This is a dream come true

for me."

The game

is expected to be available on all major platforms by June 2005.

Mark Ecko overseas a clothing empire, 25 retail

stores across the country, and also publishes Complex magazine.