Mark Ecko Taking New York City To Court Over Planned Graffiti Exhibit

Marc Ecko, founder

and President of Ecko Clothing, is speaking out against New York City Hall's raised

concerns over a graffiti exhibit that is scheduled to be held in New York City

on August 24th.

According to organizers of the event, permits that have been

in place since July 18, 2005, have been revoked.

"It's unfortunate that the spirit of the event, as it was

originally conceived and as it has been presented has been lost in the haste

to stereotype all graffiti-style artists as "vandals" and to brand

this event as a "promotion of crime." Ecko told in a

statement. "At its core, this is an event designed to celebrate an art

form born from the streets of New York over two decades ago as a means of creative

self expression."

Ecko said that exhibit was meant to educate the public about

the skills needed to create murals.

"I am well aware that drawing graffiti in public places

is a crime, and I do not condone or encourage it,” Ecko continued. “At

the same time, however, graffiti is a legitimate and historical part of the

great art history of our city."

At the exhibit, a 48-foot, mural will be created and donated to The Point, a

Bronx-based nonprofit youth development organization.

"This is my tribute to the 20 participating artists whose

works now command top dollar across the globe as well as to an art form powerful

enough to permeate virtually every moment in our lives, from the ads and music

videos we watch on TV to the products we wear and consume,” Ecko said.

Despite the problems

with City Hall, the Graffiti Exhibit will continue as scheduled on August 24th

on West 22nd St. between 10th and 11th Avenues in New York City.