Mark Wahlberg And NBA's Caron Butler Set To Do Movie

NBA Champion and Sacramento Kings Forward Caron Butler is about to stretch his admirable journey from the streets to the NBA just a bit further into Hollywood proper. To the delight of NBA fans everywhere, Butler has inked a deal with A-list Hollywood big hitter, actor/producer Mark Wahlberg to make his memoir "Tuff Juice: My Journey From The Streets to The NBA," into a major motion picture. With Caron's memoir already having earned high praise from the likes of fellow NBA stars Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Vice President Joe Biden, it would seem to be the logically step that Butler's friend and associate Wahlberg would look at the book not only as an inspirational read, but also as a great story for the big screen. Butler, who first met and became friends with Wahlberg in 2011 during his days as a Los Angeles Clipper, was initially surprised by the idea of making his memoir into a movie when it was first suggested to him by Wahlberg after Wahlberg read a copy that Butler had given him as a matter of course. Nevertheless, once Butler realized what Wahlberg wanted to do, he was anything but slow on the uptake: "When someone like Mark Wahlberg tells you that your life could be a movie, you listen," stated Butler in discussing the details how the deal came to pass, continuing: "I'm excited to take the next step towards sharing my story with an even larger audience and it's a blessing to have someone as well-known and respected as Mark Wahlberg by my side."

As for the other side of this Hollywood/NBA movie match made in heaven, Wahlberg was equally glowing in his evaluation of his NBA bestie Butler and the necessity of his story being told on the big screen: "(Caron is) a perfect example to all the young kids growing up in tough neighborhoods to never give up on your dreams." Given the rough and tumble childhoods paired with outsized professional success that both Butler and Wahlberg have lived through, certainly they should do very well as a producing team in telling this Butler's story with the gravitas and authenticity that it is due.

As an extra added bonus, for those who are excited to see the movie, but are expecting something along the lines of what has been made before with regards to stories of surviving and thriving despite tough circumstances, Butler would seem to be hinting that he and Wahlberg have a trick or two up their sleeves that has yet to be revealed. " There hasn't been a true NBA story told on the big screen like this," said Butler cagily, continuing: " We have some actors and writers in mind. I can't wait to see how it unfolds on film and be a part of the process. It is a dream come true."

Hopefully it will prove to be a dream come true for Butler, Wahlberg and viewers alike. Butler's movie will be produced by Caron Butler and Butler's agent Raymond Brothers of IAM Sports & Entertainment, Mark Wahlberg, Leverage Entertainment, Music For The People and Closest To The Hole Entertainment.