Marques Houston: Veteran

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If ever it were possible to use the words "underrated" and "overexposed" to describe the same person, Marques "MH" Houston would be the strongest example. MH has been entertaining us since he was 12, and still his level of skill as a singer and songwriter remains in question. Veteran (Universal Motown) is his attempt to finally prove himself to those that have slept on him, by reminding them of his consistency and demanding their respect. For a man that refuses to wear clothing, this could be asking too much. However, with an album as persuasive as Veteran, it could very well happen. Marques was involved in writing at least half of the 12 tracks. Other contributors include Bryan Michael Cox, The Underdogs, Chris Stokes and Tank. The result is a beautifully written, sensual album without an overkill of graphic and sexual lyrics. The only exception being "Kimberly," a song rumored to be about a certain young model, further adding to the speculation about their relationship. He brags about their supposed activities with the pride of a kid that just got back from summer vacation. The track comes off as weak and out of place, but may stir up the controversy that has led to hits for other artists. Yung Joc is a huge attraction with his raspy, chopped up vocals on the club track "Like This." An almost immediate single, this song will draw even more attention to the Atlanta rapper. Mya and Shawnna both have spots on "Hold N'Back," which will be one of Mya's first musical appearances in almost four years. All gimmicks aside, this album could stand on content and quality alone. The lead single, "Circle" is vivid and dramatic. It is easily understood why this song was chosen as it gives listeners the clearest picture of what to expect from the rest of Veteran. Follow that up with tracks like "Always & Forever" and "Exclusively," and see the growth of a man who once proudly wore the title of Immature. Filled mostly with mid-tempo songs and ballads, it is ideal for the listener that is more interested in content than what will be popular in clubs.

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