Mary J. Blige Joins Black-out Movement At The Golden Globes

AllHipHop Staff

Mary J. Blige plans to make a statement at the Golden Globes.

(AllHipHop News) Mary J. Blige has added her name to the growing list of leading ladies who will be wearing black to the Golden Globes.

The R&B star, who is nominated for her role in "Mudbound," has revealed she'll be joining Gal Gadot, Meryl Streep, and Saoirse Ronan among the actresses taking part in a silent protest about Hollywood's shocking sexual harassment and misconduct issues at Sunday's gala.

Paying tribute to the hundreds of women who have spoken out about the abuse they have experienced, Blige told Billboard, "I stand with those women. I champion them.

"I am one of those women (victims), so, you know, I don't want to go into detail about that and I haven't, but I am."

Blige insists the simple all-black protest at the Globes is important because "there's so many women that don't get a chance to speak in other industries that are not the film industry, the music industry".

She adds, "It's important for us to stand up for them so they can get a chance to speak."

Fellow nominee Allison Janney believes the black dress protest will be "really powerful," while "Lady Bird" star Ronan will be hitting the red carpet with a friend, who will also be wearing black for the big night.

The leading ladies behind Hollywood's new Time's Up movement are backing the black dress protest calling for women to ditch color and show their support for those who have been sexually harassed.