Mase 'On The Road to Glory' With Return

AllHipHop Staff

Harlem rapper-turned-preacher-turned rapper Mase recently responded to critics doubting his reemergence in Hip-Hop and reunification with former Children of the Corn group member Cam’ron.

Mase recently dropped a brand new single “Thinkin’ Bout You,” after being inspired to return to the music industry following the death of Michael Jackson.

The track is a middle of the road song that contains no explicative’s from the former Bad Boy rapper, who has released records with artists varying from Big L and Notorious B.I.G. to Brandy and Mariah Carey.

Taking to his Twitter page, Mase revealed that he recorded another new song that will be released this week, while acknowledging former Harlem World group members Suga J and Cardan.

“God is Good! Arizona is blazing hot! Life is Amazing! The funny thing I learned is how fast life will change on us and we don't even notice,” Mase wrote from the state where he presides over Mason Betha Ministries (MBM), an outreach vehicle for El Elyon International Church (EEIC).

Mase also implied that his return to rap was preordained via his Twitter page. “We as individuals are born already set on our road to glory,” Mase wrote. “Why do we mostly steer off course? How can we get back on course when we fall?"

Mase retired from Hip-Hop in 1999, shortly after feuding with Cam’ron, for refusing to appear in the video for Cam’ron’s 1998 hit single “Horse and Carriage.”

He returned in 2004 with a comeback album titled Welcome Back, but beef ensued between with Cam’ron and Jim Jones.

In addition to doubting the validity of Mase’ new-found spirituality, Cam and Jones took issue with comments made in Mase’s 2003 autobiography There’s a Light After the Lime with Karen Hunter.

Mase was also briefly associated with Cam and Dipset’s rivals, 50 Cent and G-Unit.

This past June, Mase and Cam’ron shocked Hip-Hop when they dropped an official single titled “Get It” and revealed they were working on a collaboration project, almost 11-years after their hit single “Horse and Carriage.”

As June ended, Jim Jones also buried the hatched, when he called into DJ Self’s radio show on New York’s Power 105 and apologized for his role in the feud.

With the beefs buried for now, Mase implied that his return to the Hip-Hop game may last longer than his critics would like.

Where that leaves his standing with MBM and EEIC remained unclear, as the rapper cryptically tweeted:

“We tend to step inside the box and try to fit in with people who are trying to fit in! Why not live outside of that box and set the example?”

On Friday, a remixed version of “Diamonds” from Teairra Mari's upcoming album hit the Internet with guest appearances from Kanye West and a new verse from Mase.