Mase & Wife Have Baby Boy

For those fans disgruntled that Mase missed his “Welcome Back” concert on September 25, the Bad Boy has a very good reason, albeit a tiny one.

His wife Twyla Betha has given birth to a baby boy.

According to sources with Bad Boy Records, the baby was born about 2 weeks ago and he cancelled a number of dates, including the "Welcome Back" show. "It was important for Mase to be there when the baby was born because his father wasn't there for him," a source told

Mase, real name Mason Betha, is very tightlipped about his personal life, but his DJ, Craig sent his congrats to his friend.

The DJ told, “First of all congrats to Mase and the whole Betha family on the new baby boy. I don't have kids to know how it feels but it must be a great feeling to bring a new born in the world [but], as his DJ [I say its time to] Get back to work.”

Mase’s absence fueled unfounded rumors that the rapper retired again.

Promoters from the ‘Welcome Back” show [see previous AHH story 'Dip Set Replaces Mase At ‘Welcome Back’ Show; Mase Retires Again?'] have stated that they plan to sue Mase to recover funds lost on the concert, which reportedly undersold tickets. Perhaps, this news is cause for a change of heart.