Masspike Miles Dropping New Mixtape "Say Hello To Forever"

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group artist Masspike Miles was the first artist signed to Rick Ross' label and after year's of waiting, his debut release is almost ready.

During the wait for his major release,
Masspike Miles honed his craft and develop as an artist during the three-year wait, by observing Maybach CEO Rick Ross, as they toured around the world.

He also collaborated with artists like DJ Khaled, Shawty Lo and Yo Gotti during the wait, while releasing his own popular single, "Flatline."

On January 24, Masspike Miles will drop Say Hello to Forever, the follow up to last year's EP The Road Less Traveled.

"It's classic R&B bringing it back to the essence the 90s, 80s, 70s all mixed in one with a little bit of jazz influence," Masspike Miles told

According to Masspike, with each release, the label is one step closer to their ultimate goal.

"We building a empire right now, putting alot of time and effort into this project to make sure its a classic. You're watching my growth and in due time, you will see the album."

Check out Mikey T's exclusive interview with Masspike Miles below: