Masta Killa Named Most Animal Friendly Rapper

Wu-Tang Clan member Masta Killa was recently awarded peta2’s Libby Award (short for liberation) for Best Animal-Friendly Hip-Hop Artist.

Peta2 is the world’s largest youth animal rights organization and is an offshoot of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Other rappers nominated for the award included dead prez, Sage Francis, K-OS and others. "I'll do anything that's going to save animals," Masta Killa said. "Anytime I can encourage people to think twice before [doing] anything to animals … that's a good thing."

The Brooklyn native is also a vegetarian and was featured in a previous peta2 advertising campaign that encouraged people to become vegetarians.

"When it comes to fighting animal abuse, peta2 and Masta Killa are marching to the same beat," added peta2 Assistant Director Dan Shannon. "Masta Killa is living proof that there's strength in compassion and that the best thing that you can do for yourself—and for animals—is to go vegetarian."

Winners will receive plaques and will be featured on the website.