Master P and Cash Money Plan Movie

Master P and his former cross-town New Orleans

rival, Baby, co-CEO of Cash Money Records, plan to fully end the previous beef

in a new movie, “Ghetto Ballin,” a ‘ hood comedy.'

"Its about me and him having the same babymama.

It's going to be a fun hood movie," P told

P said he felt an overzealous media helped continue

the fuel the relatively minor rivalry between Cash Money and No Limit.

"I think the media put too much on it. We've

always been competitive but there was never any beef. We've all matured and

grown in this business and I think it's time we show everybody," he said.

He admitted the beef was contradictory to the

natural atmosphere of the south, which is more family-oriented.

"In the south, we're all about showing love;

it's southern hospitality down here. We're both successful companies and its

time to show it's not about the negativity, it's about the positive," he


At press time, the movie didn’t have a release