Master P Announces Casting Call For 'I Got The Hook-Up 2'

Twenty years later, the No Limit leader is ready to make a sequel to the comedy.

(AllHipHop News) Percy "Master P" Miller is looking for new talent for a sequel to his 1998 comedy I Got The Hook-Up. The founder of No Limit Records announced a worldwide casting call for the movie.

The original film starred Master P and Anthony Johnson. In a video posted to P's Instagram page with Johnson, the New Orleans native declares I Got The Hook-Up 2 is "the funniest movie ever."

P still wants to be relevant....has nothing to do lol..

I don't know if being relevant is his motive. What I do know is a new movie provides an opportunity for unknowns. If motley crew went on a new tour whites would be happy to see it. Why blacks can't be happy to see old pioneers do new things?

Motley Crew?They still support the Rolling Stones and they are in their seventies..Black ppl have that crab in a bucket problem..I try to support any black person that's trying to do something positive.

Master PeePee hasn't had a hit in like 25 years, & this is a DESPERATE attempt at reviving a third rate, straight to video 'film' from 3 decades ago..... but NOW....No Video Stores, evaporated DVD market, & a overly PC world that doesn't want his typically 'drug dealer/hustler' ghetto tales.....