Master P Claims Sony Exec's Blocking Lil' Romeo, Filing $500 Million Lawsuit

Hip-Hop mogul Master P said he is filing a $500 million lawsuit against Sony Music, alleging that its executives are trying to keep Lil' Romeo's, "U Can't Shine Like Me" from getting played on radio.

The song, which responds to Bow Wow's "Fresh Azimiz," began playing on Los Angeles radio station KKBT in February.

Apparently the beef between the young stars started when Lil' Romeo took offense to the track, "Fresh Azimiz," which the Miller's considered a shot in their direction.

In "U Can't Shine Like Me," Romeo responds by saying he could take Bow Wow's "chick," and the video features a woman resembling Ciara, the pop star Bow Wow dated until recently.

Since debuting several weeks ago, it has been streamed more than 700,000 times on Yahoo! Music.

The record is not enjoying the same success on the radio stations in the United States.

According to monitoring charts, only three stations in the U.S. have added the song to rotation - KKBT, WQUE in New Orleans, and WEMX in Baton Rogue.

According to Master P, unnamed Sony Music executives have been calling radio stations, demanding that Lil Romeo's record not be played.

"How can Sony Music executives call radio stations and tell them not to play the Romeo record "U Can't Shine Like Me?" an inquisitive Master P asked "Los Angeles was the first city to play it. Usually, if you get played in Hollywood, the world will follow. Every station that played the Bow Wow song should have at least tested the record once or twice or played it on their 'Hit or Dis' show by now."

"I had a distribution deal on the table with Jive Records that fell through the crack - hint. Sony BMG," Master P continued. "I wonder why. Jive is a Sony BMG label. Sony BMG is the parent label for Bow Wow's label, Columbia Records.

"There is no beef with us and Bow," Master P explained. "We got love for the little dude. He just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. His arrogance and cockiness are turning fans and their parents off."

According to Master P, Romeo's upcoming LP, God's Son is scheduled for an August 22 release with or without major label distribution.

Lil' Romeo will also tour to support the album.

Representatives for Sony Music were not available as of press time.

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