Master P. Clarifies Statements Given In Interview

Master P. recently

clarified statements made during an interview with

While P. took no

issues with the actual interview, the Colonel said radio DJ's across the country

only read the feature's headlines without delving into the full story, which

resulted in reports filled with rumors and innuendo about his relationship with

his brother Corey "C. Miller" Miller, as well as artists Destiny's

Child and Ciara.

"If you go back and read the interview, I was explaining

how I don't hold things against people," Master P. clarified to

"I help myself and I am hustler who makes ghetto street music.”

DJ's across the country contacted him regarding the interview,

taking the commander of the New No Limit by surprise.

"It's a misunderstanding," P. continued. "And

as far as C., he's my brother. I would do anything I could to get him out of

jail and I have. There were other reasons why I wasn't more active in his trial."

P. revealed that officials requested he stay away from the trial

almost two years ago, after being accused of threatening to kidnap the prosecutions

children, charges he dismissed.

"I want it to be clear. I don't have any issues with anyone,"

P. stated. "That's exactly what I have always been against. I am too busy

hustling and doing positive things."

P., who is preparing his latest album Ghetto Bill Gates

also revealed his strategy the album and his label.

"I am going to show the industry how I started the first

time and how you don't need so much money and publicity to make it. I am going

to ship 100,000 the first week and make a million. Then I am going to keep shipping

the record in quantities of 100,000 to the streets with no airplay and videoplays."

The second single from P's album Ghetto Bill Gates is titled

“I Ain’t Playin’.”

"This single is dedicated to all the people who don't read,"

P. joked.

Master P is best known for his work as the center of the No

Limit empire, a record store-turned record label, started with inheritance money

received from his late grandfather.

His debut album The Ghetto Is Trying to Kill Me sparked

much attention with it’s distinctive southern sound and helped to spawn

a genre of music which began to dominate the airwaves throughout the late 90’s.

His endeavors have included directing and producing several

No Limit movies, a clothing line, numerous Billboard Hot 100 singles and his

most recent label, The New No Limit.

His upcoming release,

Ghetto Bill Gates is due in stores June 21st on New No Limit/Koch.