Master P Debuts On WCW


P made his debut in the WCW last night on the Great

American Bash Pay Per View special. P made his way out to DJ Ran

bumpin one of his more popular songs (which I can't remember--they

all sound the same to me..). Mr. Perfect and Bobby Duncam Jr.

were scheduled to fight Ray Mysterio Jr. and Conan, both of whom

have been yellin Rowdy Rowdy and Bout it Bout it for the past

year. Mr. Perfect and Bobby Duncam came out to a Country song,

proclaiming "I Hate Rap, I Hate Rap!"...Ray and Conan

came out to their usual NWO/Wolfpack music, and big upped P and

his crew (Ray was rockin the No Limit about good marketing

on P's part...not only does he introduce himself to over 2.8 million

viewers in one night, he also is introducing his clothing label..).

After P took some heckling from the Country Boys, the match took

place. In the middle of the match, one of P's boys jumped in and

knocked out Mr. Perfect, effectively introducing the newest star

into the WCW, and into the world of classic wrestling beefs. Make

sure you tune into WCW Monday Nitro, and WCW Thunder on Thursday's,

to find out what P is doing.