Master P. Endorses Barack Obama; Issues Challenge To Media

Rap mogul Percy "Master P." Miller is joining the ranks of Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey and others, as the rapper has officially announced his support for presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Master P. recently partnered with the NAACP to help minorities understand their impact on elections and the importance of voting.

"We always think we're outnumbered, and our vote doesn't matter, but truthfully that's not the case" Master P. told in a statement. "If we get out there and support the people we believe in, we can make a difference now."

In the latest issue of Vibe, Obama shared his opinion on the powerful influence of Hip-Hop.

"I think that if all our kids see is a glorification of materialism and bling and casual sex and kids are never seeing themselves reflected as hitting the books and being responsible and delaying gratification, then they are getting an unrealistic picture of what the world is like," Obama stated.

Master P., who will speak at the 2007 Congressional Black Caucus Convention in September, renounced profanity last May and started Take A Stand Records, a new label co-owned with his son Lil' Romeo.

Take A Stand releases will consist solely of profanity free rap music.

The label's first release is Hip-Hop History, which will be in Wal-Mart stores worldwide.

Master P., who is also preparing his self help book Guaranteed Success, issued a challenge to "the studios, TV, Internet sites, and radio stations, to promote our positive leaders and stop glorifying the negative."

Both the book and album will be available on September 4, 2007.