Master P. Has Strong Words For Kodak Black Over Financial Dispute

Master P. has offered up a strong reply to new rapper Kodak Black in a dispute over money.

(AllHipHop News) It looks like Master P’s efforts to help one new rapper on the scene has backfired.

According to both Master P and Kodak Black, the legendary No Limit founder was attempting to mentor the troubled young rapper, who is faced of a variety of legal setbacks early in his career.

Kodak, who is free on bail and still facing 30 years in prison for an alleged sexual assault, blasted Master P in a live video, claiming the mogul was attempting to charge him for the mentorship.

“I aint gonna buy no game from no nigga,” the Pompano Beach, Florida rapper explained, Florida rapper explained, while declaring he was nobody's "fool."

None of this sat well with Master P, who denied attempting to get any money from Kodak Black.

In fact, Master P claims that it was he who laid out cash for flights and travel arrangements for Kodak and his crew.

“Kodak reached out to me directly for help. A lot of people told me not to get involved with him but I’m about helping the next generation and I looked at him as just misunderstood,” Master P said. “I treated him like a son. I never asked him for a dime, I never took any money from him. I only went into my pocket and spent money. I paid for plane tickets for him and his guys. I went to the government to get him cleared. My intention was to help him build a positive image from the perception that he had out there already.”

Master P claims Kodak Black is ignorant of the music industry, and is being taken advantage of by his lawyer.

Master P blasted one lawyer in particular, Theo Sedlmayr, an attorney who is work with artists like Eminem, Rick Ross, 50 Cent and others.

"Kodak doesn’t even know how much he’s actually paying this guy. And I told Kodak I could no longer do business for you, I’m not making any money off of this anyway,” Master P. said.

“It’s just a headache. After this experience, I’m not doing any more free headaches, I’m not doing anything else for free,” the rap mogul promised. “So moving forward, anybody that reaches out to me for business, it’s gonna cost. I have no more time to waste. I’m a businessman, people are going to pay me for my time just like any other professional.”

Take a look at Master P's full statement below:

I think Master P should maybe distance himself from the new rapper, but also realize a point that Master P himself made. Kodak Black is ignorant. Point, blank, period. He does not recognize the value of having someone in the industry extend their hand out. This only shows that Kodak's desire to get into the music industry has no goal or purpose. This is something Master P should recognize. I don't think he should vow not to provide genuine assistance to others with potential, just because of this experience with ignorance. Perhaps, before he decides to help someone, Master P should make that person show him how serious they are about rapping.