Master P. Is The New President Of Digital Label, Cinq

AllHipHop Staff

Master P. is looking for new talent as the President of a new label that is flush with cash.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Master P is starting a new phase of his career as an urban music executive.

P, who founded No Limit Records and released classic albums by artist like Snoop Dogg, Soulja Slim, and Mystikal, is the new Urban President of a "technology first record" label.

Master P revealed to Billboard that he is the President of Urban Music at Cinq.

Until now, Cinq was mostly focused on Latin music.

The company, which recently received $20 million in cash from its parent company GoDigital Media Group, is looking to expand into other genres.

According to Master P, he’s looking for “untapped talent."

"They gotta believe in their product and they gotta invest their time just like we’re gonna invest and money," Master P said. "They gotta really want it. We’re looking for those diamonds in the rough."

According to Billboard, Master P started working with GoDigital Media almost 10 years ago, after he P hired the company to distribute his digital catalog.

It was Master P’s early involvement with GoDigital Media that help the company grow.

GoDigital Media CEO Jason Peterson told Billboard that bringing Master P in to head up the Urban division brings their relationship “full circle.”

"He recognized a kindred entrepreneur and liked my vision that digital distribution of music was the future," Peterson told Billboard in a statement. "[He] will be an evangelist and connector, helping us sign more artists. He brings a wealth of experience and a deep artist network."