Master P Lands More Stars For "I Got The Hook Up" Reboot

The rap mogul is finishing up the new installment of his comedy "I Got The Hook Up."

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Master P has added more star power to the second installment of his cult classic, "I Got The Hook Up."

Comedian DC Young Fly has been cast in the upcoming movie, which will also star the No Limit rap pioneer, who originally starred as a character named "Black."

In the first version of "I Got The Hook Up," Master P starred opposite comedian AJ Johnson in a hilarious, outlandish plot centered around Illegal chip phones, and secret white double agents, who were really black.

The new movie also features Fatboy SSE, John Witherspoon, Romeo Miller and Jeezy who stars as a character named "Big Moe."

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Sounds HORRIBLE! ...say it's straight to DVD, but it won't even make it that far.... unwatchable 3 STRING 'product'.....