Master P., Lil' Romeo Team To Promote Upcoming Sidekick LX

Hip-Hop mogul Master P. and his son Lil' Romeo have teamed with T-Mobile to promote the launch of the new upcoming Sidekick LX.

The campaign is aimed at increasing the popularity of the new Sidekick LX, a smartphone that has a browser, email/texting and a phone.

The device competes with Apple's iPhone and the popular Blackberry devices.

“The Sidekick is the most important device for running my ventures,” Master P. said in a statement. “I can’t always talk on the phone, but I can shoot off a quick text to close the deal when I need to.”

The device is so important to the father and son combo who also rap together as The Miller Boyz, that they have recorded "Sidekick," a song dedicated to the device.

“Everywhere I go I take my Sidekick with me: school, the movie set, out on the road,” Romeo said. “It allows me to run my business and keep in touch with my friends. Texting is still the leading way of communication for us youth."

The Miller Boyz are preparing videos for "Sidekick" and "Let The Kids Grow," which will be released online and to major networks in the coming weeks.

Both songs are featured on Hip-Hop History, the first release available from Take A Stand Records, the profanity-free record label owned by Master P. and Romeo.

Hip-Hop History is due in stores September 4.

The Sidekick LX and LE are slated to hit stores in Spring of 2008.