Master P Releases 'Desert Bayou' Documentary; Aids Housing Effort

As Percy "Master P" Miller continues to carve a new niche in the music industry, the rap mogul is bringing the struggle of those affected by Hurricane Katrina to the forefront with a new documentary.

The film, titled Desert Bayou, centers on New Orleans residents that were displaced to Salt Lake City, Utah in the wake of Katrina.

“This movie is growing quickly and it should be in all theaters for everyone to see,” Miller said. “This is the most passionate I’ve ever been about a film. I’m also going to reach out to my good friend Mark Cuban to get this film into all his Landmark Theatres as well as my friend Magic Johnson to get the film into all of his theatres, too.”

In addition to following the Katrina survivors, Desert Bayou explores deeper issues, according to the film's director, Alex LeMay.

“In a time of tragedy and great loss, why were our fellow Americans never told where they were going, and then held captive on a military base?,” LeMay asked.

Since its release, Desert Bayou has garnered support from the NAACP and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

The documentary, produced by Miller and executive produced by Jimmy Finkl, recently received a proclamation from the City of New York.

The city declared Oct. 5, 2007 "Desert Bayou Day" in recognition of the humanitarian cause the film takes on for the people of New Orleans.

With critical acclaim and a growing buzz, Master P believes Desert Bayou has the potential to collect an Academy Award nomination.

Proceeds from Desert Bayou will go towards rebuilding minority housing in the city of New Orleans.

For more information on the documentary, which is distributed through Cinema Libre Studio, visit