Master P Speaks Out, Breaks Out

Master P, who recently saved a recording studio he spent several million dollars to start building, is not happy with…

Master P,

who recently saved a recording studio he spent several million dollars to start

building, is not happy with the city the studio was built in. The problems started

when P hired Carter Construction Company to build a recording complex in Baton

Rogue. After a dispute in construction occurred, P and the construction company

ended up in court, resulting in the Judge ruling in favor of the construction

company, ordering P to pay $190,000. When P refused, the property was set up

to be sold in a Sheriff sale by the East Baton Rogue Parish Sheriff's Office.

P paid a settlement of $137,000 and saved the property, in which he says he

has invested millions. Master P is now speaking out.

"Why entertain ignorance when I've paid

three million dollars to Carter Construction for a building they did not complete?

What kind of judge allows a petition for a mere $190,000 when I have invested

millions?" Master P asked. "Upon review of the records," P continued,

"Carter Construction did not have a case to stand on. In light of my celebrity

and financial status, I feel Carter hoped that by bringing their ridiculous

case to the attention of the media, that I would back down and pay them even

more money. Being rich and famous has become an open door for people to deceive

and cheat in an attempt to get money from me," P said. "That's okay.

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing."

After he moved to a plush Baton Rouge neighborhood,

Master P claims that he was stereotyped because of his involvement in the rap

industry and his appearance, despite the fact that he is worth almost a half

billion dollars. Master P is even claiming that he may have been the victim

of acts of prejudice, which clouded the true potential he could have brought

to the community.

So, Master P and his family are heading for the

Hills-Beverely Hills, California. P says that Beverly Hills is a city that can

appreciate what he is worth and benefit from his ideas, his dreams and his desire

to make a difference. Despite leaving a city he claims never appreciated his

value, P was very clear about one thing.

"I will always be there for the kids in

that community, whether I'm living there or not," Master P said.