Mathew Knowles' Hip-Hop Inspired Baby Jamz Toy Line Coming to Wal-Mart Stores in July

Young kids will soon be able to rhyme along with their favorite toys, thanks to a new partnership between music mogul Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment and Planet Toys.

The pair have come together to launch a new Hip-Hop/rhythm-inspired preschool toy line called Baby Jamz.

The venture offers a chance for children to combine their love of music with the ability to learn while reciting popular nursery rhymes, according to the Music World president and CEO, who revealed that Baby Jamz was inspired by his grandson Juelz.

"Baby Jamz allows children to have toys that they can identify with and enjoy," Knowles said in a statement. "Many children love music and dancing to Hip-Hop, so we have creatively combined great toys with the Hip-Hop versions of popular nursery rhymes."

Nursery rhymes used for Baby Jamz will be sung by Knowles' daughter Solange.

In addition, Juelz serves as the face of the toy line as his likeness is displayed on product packaging and in Baby Jamz ads.

Baby Jamz falls in line with Knowles' Kids Rap Radio CD series as an avenue for creating and releasing "child-friendly" music content.

The Baby Jamz toy line will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores beginning July 26.