Mathew Knowles Says Beyonce Auction 'Lies' Cost Him $175 Million Deal

AllHipHop Staff

Beyonce's dad says his label and other deals tanked over a bunch of lies.

(AllHipHop News) Mathew Knowles claims false accusations that he sold off Beyonce memorabilia cost him a $175 million deal to promote a major Texas resort.

Last year, the "Crazy in Love" singer's father was sued by his former lawyers Lang Ferrer PLLC, who accused him of refusing to pay a $50,000 bill.

The lawsuit, filed in Houston Texas, accused Mathew of holding an auction of Beyonce and Destiny's Child memorabilia over the 2017 Super Bowl weekend, but shielding the money raised from his creditors.

Although he admits selling off some sports items, he denies their allegations and has counter-sued Lang Ferrer bosses for defamation, seeking $2 million in damages.

Mathew filed new legal documents accusing his former lawyers of threatening, prior to the lawsuit, that they would make things "ugly for him" if he did not pay them "excessive and unreasonable" invoices.

He claims they leaked their accusations to the press, and that a number of businesses and organizations pulled out of a deal with his company Music World as they believed he had sold off his daughter's memorabilia.

Mathew, 66, says that the lost deals included one worth $175 million with executives at Texas resort Port Royal Resort.

He also claims the accusations cost him a tenured professorship at Texas Southern University and a major music licensing deal.

Beyonce's father, a music manager who oversaw Destiny's Child's career before his daughter left the group in 2006, is asking the court not to dismiss his defamation counter-suit.