Max B: “I Can’t Believe a Lie Would’ve Went So Far”

AllHipHop Staff

With an inevitable long jail sentence pending next month, Harlem rapper Max B has reached out to to maintain his innocence and reveal his future music plans.

On June 9, Max B (Charly Wingate) was found guilty on 9 counts of felony murder and conspiracy charges in the robbery and death of David Taylor.

“Personally, I am looking forward to clearing my name,” Max B told in exclusive interview. “[With my pending appeal] after that I can then look forward to the future. I just can’t believe a lie would’ve went so far.”

Even though it was a street dispute that’s resulted in his predicament, Max B assured fans his lifestyle will not be altered because of the guilty verdict.

“Just staying focused. That’s the movement right now,” Max explained. “That’s the movement right now. Trying to hit the streets with that Wave, making sure my manager, The Harlem Matriarch, keeps me in the loop. That goes without saying, they can’t keep the Vel. The streets need me!”

Ex-girlfriend Gina Conway’s testimony is the main reason Max will likely receive a life sentence.

Despite this, the Harlemite remains jovial when asked how he would’ve handled the situation differently.

“No, I never anticipated that my girl would lie on me based on jealousy over another woman,” he stated. “She felt that if she couldn't have the Vel, no other girl would. I understand her strategy, but Bigavel wasn't diggin' it. If I could change one thing, I would have remained a Bachelor! (laughing).”

While everything plays out, Max B verified the new music projects fans can expect in the coming months.

“I spend every day of my life creating music, running out isn't even a possibility,” Max detailed. “Look for Vigilante Season coming soon on Amalgam Digital and Max B Presents// OFO & Harlem Matriarch Music Presents: H.O.T. (Harlem On top) Pt. 3 ‘FREE MAX B.’”

When asked about Jim Jones, Max stated their relationship remained the same, and that he is mentally ready to spend the rest of his life in prison if appeals fail.

“That's here nor there; I'm solely focused on my appeal. But ain’t sh*t changed [with Jim Jones],” Max clarified. “If it came to it [a life sentence], nothing can hold "The Bigavel" down but in this case that's not a concern.”

Max B will be sentenced by a judge on July 30.

He faces a maximum punishment of life in prison.