Max B Murder Trial Begins, Rapper Faces Life Sentence

AllHipHop Staff

Former Dipset rapper/hook specialist Max B began his murder trial today (May 14) in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Prosecutors accuse Max, real name Charly Wingate, with plotting a botched robbery that left one man dead in September 2006.

According to Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Martin Delaney, Max B conspired with his ex-girlfriend (Gina Conway) and a stepbrother (Kelvin Leerdam) to rob two men (Allan Plowden and David Taylor) at a Holiday Inn on Route 4.

The men were allegedly targeted because they carried around large sums of cash, and drove high-end luxury cars.

The night of the homicide, authorities claim Max B, Conway, and Leerdam ambushed Allen Plowden in his hotel room, duct taping him and a female companion.

When interrogated about the location of his money, Plowden is reported to have stated his partner David Taylor, staying two floors down, had the funds.

After forcing Plowden to make a call, Taylor was lured to the room and killed instantly via a point blank shot to the face.

The prosecution’s case rests largely on the testimony of Gina Conway, who has agreed to testify against her alleged co-conspirators.

In exchange for her testimony, she will avoid a life sentence and serve 18 years on armed robbery and manslaughter charges.

Attorneys for Max B and Kelvin Leerdam will counter that Gina Conway is an unreliable witness and the sole originator of the robbery plot.

At press time, Gina Conway is expected to take the stand next week.