Max B of Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang Out Of Prison

Max B. of Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang was released from prison last night after several months of incarceration.Jim Jones greeted his fellow Byrd Gang member and the pair eventually went to a recording studio to celebrate with others. The exact terms of the release were not immediately disclosed. The rapper, also known as Bigavelli, had served almost eight months in prison for conspiracy charges stemming from a September 2006 robbery and murder in Fort Lee, NJ. “You already know, I'm about to make a big power move up out of here. I squared everything away with the boss, shout out to the boss Jim Jones, everything is situated, Max B. told previously of his looming release. “Bigavelli [is] about to come back to hit the town like young Jesus of Nazareth. I'm bout to resurrect the game.”Max B and Jones’ relationship became rocky during the period in which Max was incarcerated, but the pair has since mended their bond. “I just was a little frustrated [when I was imprisoned]…but [Jim Jones] always been there, that's my boy,” he said.Max B., real name Charly Wingate, was held on $2 million bail in January after the rapper was charged with aiding in the September 2006 murder and robbery of a man in Fort Lee, New Jersey.Max B. has recorded with Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. Last year he released "The Diplomats & Max B Million Dollar Baby Radio" mixtape.Additional developments will be announced shortly.