Max B. Planning 'Vigilante Season' From Jail

(AllHipHop News) Incarcerated rapper Max B. is planning to release an album of all new material titled Vigilante Season, now that he is out of his contract with former associate Jim Jones. According to Max B., he recorded 40 songs in one week last year, prior to he was sentenced to 75 years in prison for his role in a botched robbery/murder in September 2009. “Vigilante was real special to me. It was like they giving me a shot,” Max B. told MTV News about the album. “Even if it wasn't coming out, they gave me the feel of just going to do the album. I was doing it my way.”Max B. was convicted for his involvement in the 2005 robbery of two men in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel room. The rapper’s stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam and his girlfriend, Gina Conway was also convicted of shooting and killing David Taylor in an attempt to rob the man of $30,000.Leerdam is serving life plus 35-years, while ex-girlfriend Gina Conway received 18 years. Although Max B. is incarcerated at The New Jersey State Penitentiary, he still continues to release music. His latest mixtape A Wave Called Yes was released last month and recorded in June of 2009, while he was on trial for his role in Taylor’s murder. “It was a real busy week. I was really busy on trial. For the music to come out that good while I was on trial, that was surprising to me,” Max B. stated. “That just let me know, no matter how long I'm gone from the game, I'm still a natural. I still can make quality work. I'mma still be Biggavelli."