Max B. Reveals Details On Shooting

On Tuesday July 22, Max B’s scheduled performance for Hot 97’s “Who’s Next Concert” nearly ended in tragedy after a group of men entered the SOB venue and shot a round into Max’s VIP section.

While no one was hurt, speculation began about who the group was and why they held such animosity for the former Diplomat member.

In an exclusive statement to, Max B clarified his role in the altercation.

“I had no control over it. I didn’t want any trouble,” Max explains. “I never want any, but people despise me. They are jealous and envious, and they’re gonna do whatever they can to stop my movement.”

After the shooting, the club was immediately vacated for police to conduct a thorough investigation.

When questioned about the identity of his attackers, Max insists he does not know who was involved.

“I didn’t know the wannabe thugs who let off a round,” he quipped.

Max B's latest set, Domain Diego, was released on June 10.

His next offering, Public Domain 3: Domain Pain is scheduled for August 5.