Max B Speaks on Conviction and Appeal

AllHipHop Staff

Harlem rapper and now convicted murderer Max B has released an official statement regarding his guilty verdict.

Yesterday (June 9) a jury found Max, real name Charly Wingate, guilty on 9 of 11 counts of felony murder and conspiracy charges in the death of David Taylor.

The 29-year old was killed execution style during botched robbery that cooperating witness Gina Conway said was orchestrated by Wingate.

With an official sentencing looming next month, Max expressed thankfulness for the support from friends and fans during the trial, and his desire to move forward with an immediate appeal.

"Thank you to all my fans for the continuous love and support during my trial,” Max explained to in a prepared statement. “With the advice of my attorney, family and friends I've decided to appeal my conviction, with full belief that I will be found innocent of all charges. This has been a long journey but, I have full faith that there will be a positive outcome and I will be cleared of all erroneous allegations.”

Despite his ex-girlfriend’s testimony, Gina Conway will still serve 18 years in prison for her role in the murder.

Max B and his step-brother co-defendant Kelvin Leerdam will stand before a judge on July 30, where both men face a maximum life sentence.