MC Breed Arrested For 200k Child Support Bill

A welcome return to his hometown of Flint, Michigan has resulted in jail time for rapper MC Breed.

The Flint Journal reports that Breed was apprehended yesterday (April 3), shortly after he and his documentary crew left an autograph signing at the Music Planet record store in Flint.

The entertainer was picked up by Genesee County Sheriff's deputies at about 4 p.m. on warrants for about $220,000 in unpaid child support.

The arrest interrupted plans for Breed, who is best known for his album Ain't No Future In Yo' Frontin, to appear at a hometown concert with Cash Money Records rapper Lil’ Wayne at Perani Arena.

"He's not trying to dodge anything or avoid anything," Morris told the Journal, adding he was unaware of the child support issue before Breed's arrest. "To us it was a surprise, but I'm not sure it was for (Breed)."

Word of Breed’s no show reached fans Thursday afternoon, as several concertgoers told the newspaper that they received e-mail alerts from Ticketmaster stating that the rapper would not perform at the show.

Authorities were able to nab Breed after he made an announcement in The Flint Journal that he would be signing autographs at Music Planet on Thursday.

Although the arrest may seem like a deliberate attempt to keep Breed away from his hometown fans, Genesee County Friend of the Court Jack Battles maintains that he was simply doing his job.

Breed’s current child support troubles isn’t the first time the rapper has done time behind bars over the issue.

The rapper recently spent eight months in prison for a parole violation that stemmed from unpaid child support.

Breed currently has three support files with the Genesee County Friend of the Court.