MC Hammer Reality Show Coming To A&E

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper/preacher MC Hammer will star in an upcoming reality series for A&E titled Hammertime.

The half-hour series is described as a reality version of The Cosby Show and will follow Hammer, his wife of 23-years and five children throughout 11 episodes.

Hammertime also focuses on Hammer's future as opposed to his past success, which was overshadowed by his excessive spending and subsequent bankruptcy in 1996, despite earning $33 million dollars in 1991 alone.

Hammer, who resides in Oakland and has released 10 albums to date, was recently featured in a high-profile Super Bowl advertisement with Ed McMahon for Cash4Gold.

"It will be good stuff," Hammer said of Hammertime. "I have some great kids. All 'hams' and entertainers." Hammertime is slated to premiere this year in A&E.

Hammer Time is slated to premiere this year in A&E.