MC Serch, Arab DJ Waleed Coyote Work On 'Peace in the Middle East'


"MC Serch" Berrin and Greensboro, North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote will

collaborate on a compilation titled Peace in the Middle East, a new album

made up of Arab and Jewish artists.

Serch, a Jewish rapper and member of famed '90s rap group 3rd Bass and DJ Waleed

Coyote, an Arab DJ on Greensboro's 102 Jamz and Othaz Records executive, announced

the project, which aims to bring awareness to issues in the Middle East and to

begin a peace process between the two cultures utilizing Hip-Hop music."I

am very excited about this project," MC Serch told "I

am very proud of all of the artists that are involving their time and energy to

talk about peace, talk about the importance of living together, being peaceful

together, and coexisting together. Hopefully through hip-hop, our word and our

music, we can spread a positive message that will be heard."Rappers

already attached to the project include Ill Bill, Yatty, Noose, Abnormal, Moxberg,

whuthisname and others. DJ Waleed Coyote compared to album to 1990's Stop The

Violence Movement's historic recording "Self Destruction."According

to DJ Waleed Coyote, a portion of the proceeds will go toward benefiting millions

of children refugees in Palestine, Iraq and Israel and Lebanon, where millions

more were recently displaced during a war between Israel and Lebanon-based political/religious

group Hezbollah.DJ

Waleed Coyote, born Waleed Hanhan, is particularly close to the situation because

his father is Palestinian and his mother is Lebanese. The DJ lived in Lebanon

until he was eight-years-old, when he moved to the United States. "I

was a fan of 3rd Bass since I saw them as I was watching Yo! MTV Raps!" DJ

Waleed Coyote told "Their videos would play and I was a real

fan. I always knew he was just like me, but he belongs to another religion and

culture. And that religion and culture that I'm supposed to beef with. But there

wasn't any, it was like meeting a cousin, because we both love Hip-Hop. For me

to be able to work with him was a big look and it's something people really need.

My father is still in Beirut to this day, and he [Serch] has people in Israel

so with the situation going on it's a big look."Peace

in the Middle East is scheduled to hit stores in 2007. For more information